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Is there a prior insured loan being paid off?

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  • $50
  • $50

$0.00 Title - Lenders Title Insurance/Endorsements:

Title - Lenders Title Insurance:
(not including above endorsement charges)

Title - Owners Title Insurance*:

$0.00 Title Services:

Title - Closing Services Fee
Closing Fee
Courier Services Fee
Recording Services Fee

Title - Search and Exam Fee
Title Examination
Plat Services
Title Evidence

(Per the terms of the Purchase Agreement, this may be paid by the seller in the form of a credit at the time of closing.)

Notice: The above charges are not a comprehensive list of charges that may be applicable to this transaction. Below are a partial listing of other services/scenarios and the estimated related charge:

  • - Government Recording Charges: $46.00 per document
  • - Well Disclosure Statement recording fee: $50.00
  • - Additional Delivery Service Fee if needed: $25.00
  • - Additional Recording Service Fee if needed: $5.00 per document
  • - Conservation Fee (charged by some counties): typically $10.00
  • - Well/Driveway/Easement Agreements: call for fees
  • - Mortgage Registration Tax (most MN counties): $2.30/thousand of loan amount
  • - State Deed Tax (most MN counties): $3.30/thousand of purchase price

In addition, if this transaction involves the use of a Power of Attorney as signatory for any party, one or more trusts, bankruptcy, divorce, anything requiring additional title evidence, docketed judgments or state and/or federal tax liens, additional charges will be applicable. Call Rochester Title for a breakdown based on specific circumstances.

* Based on the title insurance rates filed with the State of Minnesota, the premium will be based on a simultaneous issue premium of $0.00 for the Owner's Policy and $0.00 for the Lender's Policy. These two premiums total the same amount as indicated above.
$0.00 Total of All Title Charges on this Transaction:

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As a value added service to our customers, we have provided you with a rate calculator to estimate the cost of your transaction. Please keep in mind there may be varying circumstances which may cause these values to change. These rates are based on either sale price or loan amount.

Not to be used for construction or commercial loans. Please contact Carissa in our construction department or Sue Hanson in our commercial department for rates & closing costs.